Abundance Through Being in the Flow

Lama Tantrapa offers a holistic approach to Energy Arts and their applications to all spheres of life: from Healing to Martial Arts, personal development, business mastery, relationships, and spiritual awakening in the dream called daily life. You are about to discover for yourself several important principles of spiritual and energy awareness that will facilitate abundance in all spheres of your life. 

This course will show you a way to live your life more abundantly and in alignment with your purpose by learning how to be in the flow from the founder of Qigong Coaching Lama Tantrapa. If you like this video featuring him at the Summit of Qigong Masters, you will love his course consisting of four more hour-long video interviews. If you want to learn how to live your life more abundantly by being in the flow, register now and get an immediate access to the four videos comprising this course. By taking this course, you will learn how to manifest and live your dreams by being in your authentic flow of universal energy, using the principles and practices of energy awareness.

Abundance Through Being in the Flow

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Four Secret Tips from Lama Tantrapa on How to Live Your Life in the Flow!

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