From Pain to Wellness Coaching Program

Do you, from time to time, experience pain and struggle to make it stop? Do you suffer from low-grade chronic pain or physical discomfort? You are not alone. Like many other people, I experienced a fair amount of pain in my life. That is until I discovered a way to turn it around.

Rather than poisoning your body with painkillers and other harmful medications, I know how to help you address the root cause of your aches and pains. Instead of struggling against this natural signal that your body sends to warn your central nervous system about some malfunction or misalignment, you will learn to stop fighting against pain and start using it as a healing tool.

By addressing the reasons for the specific misalignment or malfunction, you will naturally take care of the pain signal sent by that particular part of your body.

I invite you to choose our group coaching Pain Body Healing program based on my 35 years of experience in practicing and teaching Energy Arts, operating Portland Qigong Clinic, and developing the profession of Qigong Coaching by integrating the ancient Energy Arts with the modern methodology of coaching.

I would love to take you by the hand and walk you through every shortcut, help you overcome every setback, and implement every energy hack that can help you turn your experience around.

When you begin your journey from pain to wellness with me, you will learn the principles of energy awareness specific to the Energy Art of Qi Dao. You will also discover the psychosomatic nature of chronic pain that tends to manifest in the form of different patterns of tension that cause aches and pains in the specific parts of the body.

Chronic Pain Healing is just one of several important applications of my coaching methodology that can be tailored to empower you to let go of any persistent beliefs or attitudes that may be causing chronic pain when they are activated unconsciously. With the help of my coaching, you will minimize the gap between your personality - the person others perceive you to be - and your identity - the person you believe you are.

I would venture to say that almost every adult on earth experiences some degree of tension and struggle between their identity and personality. The smaller the gap the less tension and pain there will be in your body. In other words, when your unconscious internal struggle stops causing physical misalignments and energy blockages, your chronic aches and pains will be gone.

Since Qi – the life force – does not flow as easily through tense muscles and tissues of the body, becoming more relaxed will naturally strengthen your vitality and boost your wellness.

From that point on, the main objective of your Wellness Coaching will be creating and integrating a new sense of identity that would be in better alignment with the energies of your intrinsic values and the whole person you dream of being. Since you are the way you move, this newly developed, more harmonious way of being will express itself in a more harmonious culture of movement.

The more you move every day using this Harmonious Culture of Movement, the more you will stay in alignment with the identity of the new person you aspire to be – the person that is free of internal tensions and pains. And, if you also aspire to achieve greater levels of strength and overall fitness, you are welcome to ask me about including certain exercises from my signature Holistic Fitness system into your coaching program.

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