Advanced Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program

What separates advanced practitioners of Qigong, Tai Chi and other Internal Martial Arts, as well as related energy-informed disciplines, from beginners and weekend warriors is that they know how to use the reversal of the popular principle “Yi Dao Qi Dao.” In addition to this rather basic approach that can be loosely translated into English as “Where awareness (or attention) goes – energy flows,” which is popular among basic and intermediate level energy practitioners, when you start learning Qi Dao on the advanced level, you will discover for yourself that the opposite is true too.

The advanced approach can be expressed by the phrase: “Qi Dao Yi Dao,” which can be translated from Chinese as “Where energy flows - awareness (and one's whole being) follows.” This approach to energy work is the hallmark of adept practitioners, who are more likely to follow the flow of energy with their energetic maneuvers, rather than trying to make Qi flow where they think it should flow according to their wishes or expectations. You, too, after spending enough time practicing Qi projections included in the basic and intermediate Qi Dao programs, will be pleasantly surprised by the ease and efficacy of the advanced Qi Dao methods, which virtually guarantee that you and your Qigong practice will never be the same.

This program will empower you to discover for yourself how to expand beyond anything you have learned on our basic and intermediate levels of training, so you can apply The Art of Being in the Flow in all spheres of your life that involve dealing with other people and their energies. You will learn about and gain hands-on experience in Therapeutic Qigong applications as well as develop the skills for working with other people using the energy sensing and harmonizing skills specific to Qi Dao. Not only will you be able to apply your new skills in Martial Arts, healing, and personal development, but you will also learn how to transform interpersonal relationships by applying the principles of Tantric Qigong dedicated to fostering mutually empowering and enlightening relationships.

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