Intermediate Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program

If you have studied any Qigong, Tai Chi, or other Internal Martial Arts, you probably know how important it is to develop the foundation of your practice before engaging in any advanced studies, which may be impossible or even dangerous for the uninitiated. By and large, the depths of the esoteric knowledge tend to be more profound than those of any exoteric schools of thought.

Most exoteric schools or movements focus on the readily apparent and rather superficial teachings that are easy for the average commoner to understand and require no special preparation or initiation to grasp.

What separates the majority of the esoteric “wisdom traditions” from the exoteric “knowledge for the masses” is the degree of preparation and initiation required for receiving access to the treasure trove of knowledge that is generally unavailable for the general public. The esoteric traditions, including Qi Dao, require more commitment and diligence in the course of training, while providing access to the “inner circle” knowledge through the series of initiations that empower you to shift your attention from the outer aspects of the energy arts, such as forms, to the inner essence and the principles of the arts.

As soon as you graduate from the Basic Qi Dao program, you will be welcome to continue your journey of self-realization by enrolling into our intermediate program dedicated to further exploration of the art of being in the flow. With all the skills and knowledge gained during the basic program, you will be ready to deepen your exploration of the Qi Dao principles and applications of the practice of Empowerment. Since there is no other way to receive the initiation into the practice of Empowerment than through our Basic program, it is a prerequisite for entering the next level of training at Academy of Qi Dao.

In addition to learning how to function effectively in your physical body, you will be able to explore mind-body integration using energy as the medium connecting and unifying all the aspects of your being. Furthermore, the intermediate program focuses a fair amount of attention on the specific states of consciousness that facilitate being in the flow (or otherwise hinder it) in order for you to figure out how to explore and use these states to live your life in the flow. Once you have learned these simple principles and addressed any patterns of holding tension in your body, you will be more than ready to delve into more advanced aspects of Qi Dao.

By the time you complete the intermediate program, you will acquire and hone the following skills:

- Deep understanding of the causes of tension and pain
- Dynamic and kinesthetic meditations
- Six Element of Water kicks
- Six palm strikes with waves
- Empowerment of the internal organs
- Empowerment of the Chakras.

Additionally, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits by attending the intermediate program:

1) Deepening the sense of being in the flow.

2) Having a deeper level of kinesthetic, body, and energy awareness

3) Feeling confident with the fundamental Martial Arts applications of Qi Dao

4) Feeling comfortable with the essential Therapeutic applications of Qi Dao

5) Being able to put the “letters”– principles of the Harmonious Culture of Movement into “words”– meaningful movements.

In case you have any questions, CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A FREE ORIENTATION SESSION with our admissions counselor, who will answer any questions about our programs, walk you through the enrollment process, and help you find the most suitable form of tuition payment.

The investment in this program is $2497. If you prefer to take advantage of our monthly payment plan, it will be just $500 enrollment fee and four monthly payments of $500 each.


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