From Stress to Being in the Flow Coaching Program

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to manage stress and how to prevent it from building up to the point it boils over? You can free yourself from unnecessary stress so that you can live your life "in the flow."

First of all, you are about to discover for yourself the mechanism that allows stress to start affecting you. It is also crucial to recognize that stress is not something you run into, but rather the result of reacting to the experiences and things you run into in your life. In psychological terms, it is also known as “fight or flight” syndrome, which means that you feel like you need to protect yourself or someone, or something you value.

At this very moment, you are the right place and in the right time to start learning how to transcend the “fight or flight” mechanism of reactivity that causes stress and, instead, become more responsive to whatever your life may present you with. As in night dreams, where struggling against the flow of your dreaming is a sure-fire way to turn the dream into a nightmare, similarly, struggling against the flow of things in daily life is usually what fills it with undue stress and suffering. Just like in any nightmare, which can be transformed into a pleasant dream by realizing that you are dreaming it up, there is a way for you to live your life "in the flow."

If you are in any way similar to most human beings, you are not immune to the stress that stems from the gap between your current way of being and the way of being that you would call "living your dreams." To set yourself free from suffering, you can learn how to close this gap between your current state of affairs and your dream state thereby beginning to live your dreams in the present time. You will also be able to use this maneuver of consciousness to transcend your habitual patterns of holding tension and pain, to learn to be a lot more responsive and "in the flow."

As you probably know, stress is likely to manifest in your body in the form of unconscious physical tensions that create energy blockages, which may lead to chronic pain and other health issues. This is why our coaching is not merely intellectual, but also incorporates unique physical movement practices that will empower you to embody a more responsive and harmonious way to deal with any challenges. What this means is that you will not have to remember how to handle different situations, but simply embody this culture of movement, once it is anchored in your physical body.

And if you need some assistance with addressing any chronic health issues, relationships challenges, communications difficulties, or other setbacks, your coach will help you shift from perceiving any challenges as problems to recognizing them as learning opportunities. This enlightened way of looking at things will significantly enhance the quality of your life and help you learn how to be in the flow. It will empower you to be stress-free and more...:

- More responsive and accepting of your life’s lessons

- More present, rather than being “stuck in the head”

- More grounded, rooted and centered

- More relaxed, natural and spontaneous

- More awake in the dream called your daily life

- More in the flow, in the right place and at the right time.

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