Fundamentals of Internal Martial Arts

Are you a martial artist aspiring to not only strike hard, but also to experience personal empowerment and enlightenment through your practice? Is so, this event is perfect for you, because by partaking in it you are about to discover for yourself the depths of Martial Arts that most practitioners just dream about.

Would you like to learn how to double the power of your punches and kicks by using superior body mechanics and energy awareness, rather than relying on force? When you participate in our workshop, you will learn exactly that... as well as the ways to develop a more harmonious culture of movement that you will be able to apply to each step you take on Earth.

You are going to learn how to relax under pressure in order to become less reactive and more responsive, which is a sure-fire way to improve your practice of Martial Arts and general quality of life. With practice, the feats of power and awareness that seemed to be the stuff of legends will become your everyday experience!

Fundamentals of Integral Martial Arts

You are about to discover for yourself how to become more responsive and less reactive, which is a sure-fire way to improve your practice of Martial Arts and overall quality of life. In addition to that, you will learn how to use power instead of force that will make it possible for you to experience the feats of power others only dream of.

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