Dream Yoga Workshop

Do you want to learn how to manifest and live your dreams, rather than feeling as though your life unfolds like a bad dream? You wouldn't be the only one - Buddha realized that suffering is the persistent fixture of most people's lives over 2500 years ago! If you could only find the right way through your dream, and remember what to do, you wouldn’t have this nightmare again? All you need to do to transform your dream is to wake up in it… wake up to the true nature of your experience that you are dreaming! Awakening in your dreams can empower you to get much more creative with your dreams and manifest the dreams that you want to experience. 

Please join this event to learn from the master of Dream Yoga how to manifest and live your dreams – quite literally – including the dream called daily life. You will be learning directly from Lama Tantrapa, the creator of Dream Yoga Coaching.

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Four Secret Tips from Lama Tantrapa on How to Live Your Life in the Flow!

You're one last step away from beginning to truly manifest your dreams!