Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Programs

Studying at Academy of Qi Dao is an ongoing process of self-realization. While this website describes a formal academic program, we handle individual situations in a relaxed and sensible manner. Our degrees and certificates are granted more on the basis of skill than merely hours of study. Therefore, the stated hours and months of study represent minimum requirements, rather than a rigid time frame.
As you progress in mastering the Art of Being in the Flow, the process of testing your skills will become more challenging. This is to ensure that you integrate this art more and more into your entire being, rather than just go through the motions or merely completing the minimum number of required hours.
Although your attainment of degrees and certificates may be an important part of your training, it should not be the reason for your training. We hope that your real reason for studying at Academy of Qi Dao is similar to the motivations of the best Qi Dao students: self-actualization that can empower you to be on the cutting edge of the conscious evolution of humankind.

Programs, Certifications and Degrees

Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Programs

Academy of Qi Dao offers the following spiritual education certificates and degrees:

1. Basic Qi Dao Practitioner

2. Intermediate Qi Dao Practitioner

3. Advanced Qi Dao Practitioner

4. Qi Dao Apprenticeship

Of course, any journey of thousand miles has to begin with the first step, which is the attend the basic Qi Dao workshop - that is unless you are ready to enroll into the Basic Qi Dao program. Most of our programs can be taken in an intensive way, which takes about three months, or in an extensive way that may extend up to a year.

As at any school, completing the Basic program is a prerequisite for enrollment into the Intermediate program and so on. However, if you have already practiced Qi Dao with Lama Tantrapa or another teacher, you may be allowed to challenge the tests at the workshop.

Please check out the options below to find out more (enrollment into our Apprenticeship program is by invitation only):


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