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Develop much greater physical and inner strength, endurance, and balance without lifting any weights of using any exercise machines by adding to your regimen the time-tested methods of Harmonious Strength Training.

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Basic Qi Dao Home Study Course

If you have taken all kinds of online courses or programs but still feel that you would like to get a more substantial Qigong training, this is the home study course for you. Discover for yourself one of the most comprehensive course of its kind in the world brought to you by Academy of Qi Dao – the leading Qigong school of the 21st century offering the innovative use of communications technologies. Our unique principle-based learning methods are designated to facilitate learning Qi Dao regardless of your geographical location.

If you have some experience in the Internal Martial Arts or any style of Qigong, this online course will likely transform your understanding of these arts. It will help you learn and embody the most important principles underlying all these arts, so that you can master them as well as the Art of Being in the Flow.

With practice, it will empower you to manifest the dreams of being healthy and happy harbored by every cell of your organism, every facet of your being. You will begin to learn directly from the flow of life how to accept every experience as a lesson, rather than a problem. This will enable you to integrate all the parts of your body, mind, and spirit in order to embody vibrant power and well-being.

This course is especially a must for any Qi Dao practitioner, as it serves as the multimedia textbook within the Qi Dao Practitioner Certification programs - the premier training and practitioner certification programs for Qigong enthusiasts worldwide.