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This program is dedicated to elevating your Qigong practice to a totally new level by learning to COACH people - rather than Teach them - which is the perfect solution for the time of Coronavirus pandemic that has made teaching classes or workshops all but impossible. This program takes just three months to complete and combines theoretical studies with hands-on experience in Qigong Coaching integrated with learning the best business practices for creating and filling your coaching practice. This program consists of two modules that can be taken simultaneously: 1) Qigong Coaching Methodologies 2) Business Development for Qigong Coaches Qigong Coaching represents the “missing link” between the modern methodology of Life Coaching dedicated to improving the quality of life by making it more meaningful and the ancient Energy Arts working with the energy that integrates your body and mind into a complete human being. This holistic modality not only addresses the issues on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, but also balances all these levels. During your studies, you will learn to carefully guide others through discovering and exploring the human healing abilities and vitality potential that may be suppressed by the current lifestyle. The main question you will need to find the answer for is: ”How would your clients need to BE in order to survive and thrive in these difficult times?” Finding the most suitable way of being and learning to consistently be that way will naturally facilitate manifestation of their dreams and aspirations. Throughout the process of coaching, you will do for them what their best friend might do, if they only had such friends that would consistently and skillfully keep them accountable for following through with the commitments they make about their new course of actions and way of being. You clients are likely to experience suffering resulting from feeling the gap between their current way of being and the way they wish their lives would be. As their Qigong Coach, you will set your clients free from suffering by empowering them to close this gap between their current condition and their desired state of affairs. That will enable them to start living the life they truly deserve much sooner. You will also be able to put to good use the Energy Awareness, so that your clients develop a more Harmonious Culture of Movement, transcend your habitual Holding Patterns, learn to be a lot more responsive and awake in the dream called their daily life. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A COMPLIMENTARY STRATEGY SESSION TO EXPERIENCE QIGONG COACHING FIRST-HAND AND TO FIND OUT HOW COACHABLE YOU ARE Qigong Coach Certification program at Academy of Qi Dao is dedicated to elevating your Qigong practice to a professional level by learning to apply it in groups and private practice. Even in case you are mostly practicing for your own sake, learning how to coach others will deepen your understanding and boost your proficiency manyfold. Our program includes the following: - Two online courses on Qigong Coaching and Business Development - Weekly webinars on both coaching and business aspects - Weekly group coaching sessions - The complete "turn-key" business system including the website, marketing funnels (complete with an online course and webinars) as well as the system for creating your own courses, programs, webinars, mobile apps, and 20 other online marketing tools COACHING CLINICS You will be invited to meet with other students and members of our community for monthly coaching clinics. These clinics offer opportunities for the apprentices to hone their skills, while helping the members of the community at large through the "hot seat" ad hoc coaching sessions. SUPERVISED COACHING When the you are ready for it, you will be encouraged to start offering Qigong Coaching to their friends or fellow students free of charge or for a nominal fee. 50 documented Qigong Coaching sessions are required for successfully graduating from the program. TUITION The regular tuition for this program tuition is $5,997. However, to help the most dedicated practitioners during the Coronavirus pandemic, we currently offer a $3,000 scholarship:


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